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Create, claim, delegate, and notify tasks to improve facility teamwork and reduce operational inefficiencies


What we bring

Task Delegation


Nurses can delegate tasks when they are in a time crunch.

Reduce Paperback Communication


Med-Alert is on the face of a tablet which eliminates the use of paper for communication.

Task Creation


Nurse are able to create all the given tasks for a day which improves efficiency and organization.

Streamline Day-to Day Activities


The app's UI formulates a page with all the tasks of a given nurse for that day.

Facility Teamwork

Nurses are able to communicate through the tablet via our task delegation system which makes teamwork more efficient.

Management Perspective on Facility Efficiency


The management level view analytics which reveal the weak points of the facility.



Not too long ago, one of our founders family friends, Gerry, unfortunately passed away due to an overworked nurse causing an accidental medication error. We wondered, if we could devise a solution to reduce nurse burnout and maybe that would help reduce cases such as that of Gerry.

With the problem of nurse burnout being a significant cause for nearly half of nursing facility residents falling victim to errors, the medical field has been detrimentally effected. Med-Alert allows nurses to create, claim, and delegate tasks to encourage facility teamwork, streamline day-to-day activities, and reduce errors in the workplace. 

We hope to help increase efficiency in most medical facilities in hopes to make sure errors are reduced and patients get quality care while nurses are able to cope with their stressful duties. With nurses currently on the frontlines against COVID-19, they are the unsung heroes of this pandemic and we want to help nurses save lives by making their lives easier.

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Med-Alert's companion management app will provide statistics to the management level to give them a perspective on the day to day activities in the facility. Additionally, it will allow for simpler communication between nurses and the management team. Being fully customizable, the management level will be able to identify patterns that lead to operational inefficiencies and view the status of tasks, patients, and nurses at any given moment.

Analysing data


Vedant Nahar


CEO, Management, Financials

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CTO, Technology, Security, Design

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CMO, Marketing,

Social Media

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Software, Management, Advisor


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